Manage all your URL redirects in one place.

Best URL redirect service for IT, Marketing & Domains holder. Easy to setup, manage and track your redirects. Share work with team.

Small Domain, make differents.

Using RedirHub apply your domains with redirection, simple page, plain text etc. and it’s so quickly.


URL Masked Forwarding

Using your domain to show a third-party content and you can witch to another provider at anytime.

Shorten URL

Customize short-url for your domain and share with social network and SMS.

Display a Single Page

Build your shop, product, advertisment, announcement page with our visual page builder.

Path & Params Forwarding

Forward path and query string found on the source URL to the destination domain avoiding 404 errors.


Richs Redirect Type

Redirect your domain to another URL temporarily or permanently with or without changing Google SERP link.

QR Code Generator

Generate and download QR codes for your URL redirects. Change the URL target at any time.

Display Plain Text

Response with a plain text to help you complete domain validation. Or just <h1> Hello, World! </h1>


Multiple Destinations

Lead your visits to a random destination for a A\B test or traffic balancing.

Why RedirHub?

Real-time traffic metrics

Measure campaign ROI and know your audiences.

See who visited your content recently. Measure the traffic going through all of your links, including information about the location, device, referrer and pages requested by your visitors.

Automatic HTTPS support

Provision and renew SSL certificate automatically

Save time and money and maximize SEO benefits with our industry-leading URL redirection service. We automatically manage the redirection of your HTTP and HTTPS links while fully automating the management of SSL certificates. You just need one click and all your existing links will work for users without security warnings.

Easy to setup 

Setup with bulk importing and DNS instructions.

Get set up quickly with personalized instructions. Our dashboard shows you the current state of the DNS records for each URL redirect. Easily view DNS and SSL certificate provisioning status and ensure your changes are working in our dashboard.