See what features makes your work simple.

In RedirHub, All the features are designed to save your time and money. Your team can easily create, manage URL redirects on our powerful dashboard in real-time. We offer SSL certificates automatically provisions and renewals. Analysis your link with a rich report.

Automatic HTTPS

Save time and money with our automatic provisioning and renewal of SSL certificates for your domains. You will also protect your visitors by ensuring secure brand domain variations and maximize SEO benefits by utilizing HTTPS links.

Easy DNS Setup

Get set up quickly with personalized instructions. Our dashboard shows you the current state of the DNS records for each URL redirect. Easily view DNS and SSL certificate provisioning status and ensure your changes are working in our dashboard.

Source Path Forwarding

Quickly and easily forward paths found on the source URL to the destination. Ensure all alternative TLDs and misspelled domains redirect to the correct page on your main site.

Fallback Redirect

Configure a redirect to be used if other specific paths you’ve configured are not matched and avoid punishing 404 errors. Protect your links, your brands and your users.

Richs Redirect Type

Choose either a 301 or 302 response code for each redirect – whichever best meets your SEO requirements. You can preserve SEO link equity during migration by using 301 permanent redirects and you can use temporary 302 redirects in situations where Google should not change the SERP link.

Display plain text

Display plain text when you need to show an announcement or validation information for domain rights verification. Or just <h1> Hello, World! </h1>

QR Code Generator

Easily and instantaneously generate and save QR codes for your URL redirects. Change the URL target at any time to control where your QR code redirects.

API Integration

Seamlessly integrate our URL redirection engine with your internal solutions and infrastructure. Create, change URL redirect programmatically.

Change Target in Real-TIme

Change the target of a URL redirect at any time. The change is immediate. Maximize the life of your links by changing the target URL whenever you want. Improve your marketing collateral ROI by changing the URL target to support new initiatives. Embedded links can be changed instantly.

Powerful Analytics

View reports and charts on how your visitors are using your URL redirects. Measure the ROI of your marketing campaigns and gain insights that inform content and infrastructure decisions based on actual usage data. You can see who visited your links as well.

Powerful Dashboard

Search your redirects to find the ones of interest, simply and easily. Use different order options to help further narrow them down. Perform bulk operations to save even more time.

Wild-Card Domain Redirect

Configure a redirect to be used for any subdomain on TLD and avoid punishing 404 errors. Protect your links, your brands and your users.

Add Query Parameters to Target URL

Specify query parameters to be appended to the target URL and amplify your analytics reach and flexibility by adding UTM tags so downstream analytics systems can report on your campaigns.

URL Masked Forwarding

Using your domain to show a third-party content and control the destination all the time. Switch to another provider at anytime.

Multiple Destinations

Redirect your visitors to multiple URLs by ordered or random. You can easily run a A/B test or traffic distribution.