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301, 302 status code

301 Permanent redirect: The requested page has been permanently moved to a new location. When the server returns this response, it will automatically redirect the requester to the new location. The search engine will turn the included links into the redirected links, and the weight will be transferred to the new links.

302 Temporary redirection: The server is currently responding to requests from web pages in different locations, but the requester should continue to use the original location for future requests. Search engines will continue to display the included links.

200 Responsed: The server returns normally. If a jump occurs under this status code, it is only a browser side jump, and the search engine does not consider a redirect.

Redirect Checker

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301 redirect is a very common operation in search engine optimization, which can help us transfer the weight of domain names. However, when doing 301 redirection, the method used is also different due to the difference in server system, website programming language, domain name and link address. At this time, we will use the 301 redirect detection tool to detect whether our 301 redirect is successful.